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we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

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i’m actually a very chill person IRL like sometimes i only cry maybe once, twice a day

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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'here have my fries'

'Im gonna draw you something'

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studio ghibli + tumblr text posts p.3 (p.1) (p.2) 

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i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters


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This dragon queen who wears her name is a true Targaryen.

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Moominpappa just wants to watch the world burn.

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Lady on the bus next to me: Tell me again- what are you not going to do in daycare today?
Little boy: I will not hit the teacher with a light saber.
Lady: And why are you not going to hit her with a light saber?
Boy: It is my toy, and my choice, but if I hit her with the light saber, I'm acting like a Sith.
Lady: Do you want to be a Sith?
Boy: No! I am Obi-Wan!
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"You don’t pick your parents, and you don’t pick your partner."

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John on Sherlock.

+Sherlock on John.

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Speaking of amazing fictional ladies

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shrek fashion is real, and it is spectacular

i legitimately honestly cannot believe this im not even laughing im speechless i didnt know the world could be like this

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